25: Jessica Rhodes – Connections + Magnetism

Jessica Rhodes is the founder and CEO of InterviewConnections.com, the premier Guest Booking agency for podcasters and guest experts, and she is the acclaimed author of Interview Connections: #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic! She is a strong believer in the power of personal stories and shares her insights on connections and magnetism.
Show Notes: 
  • Relationships create meaning and value
  • Entrepreneurs need to build a circle of trust
  • Concept of inability to “legislate love”
  • Love languages and how people show and receive love in different ways
  • Importance of understanding different styles of communication
  • Seeking first to understand before you can be understood
  • Magnetism and relationships of entrepreneurs vs. traditional jobs
  • How to identify and direct the type of people and things you attract
  • Importance of self-awareness and mindset of abundance
  • Knowing your habits tendency and how you can stick with a habit
  • Value in asking questions and doing research on audience
  • Authenticity and knowing/sharing personal stories is powerful and can help others work through challenges
  • Jessica shares experiences where she has discovered higher self-awareness
  • Discussion around being right vs. being in a relationship
  • How Jessica invests in her business and how she’s planning to invest in herself
  • Working to create habits you don’t want to break
  • Creating momentum by having concrete goals and an action plan
  • How to pivot when you realize you are moving in the wrong direction
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