29: Kim Ades – Journaling with Purpose

Kim Ades is the president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngineTM Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mother of five, Kim is recognized as one of North America’s foremost experts on performance through thought mastery. Using her unique philosophy and quirky coaching style, Kim helps her clients shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results and personal transformation.

During our interview Kim shares her unique approach to coaching and her journey as a coach and entrepreneur. She also goes beyond coaching and provides some wonderful insights into how parents and leaders can benefit from thinking differently about how they guide their children and teams.

Show Notes:

  • Emotional resilience is a key to business success
  • Kim’s use of journaling to overcome hurdles in personal life
  • The ability to take the negative and turn it into something positive
  • Being able to visualize what you want is necessary to get there
  • How journaling helped Kim to keep her equilibrium
  • How Kim’s and Uphill Strategies’ methods of coaching differs from the accountability model of coaching – understanding and aligning beliefs, uncovering obstacles and defining goals because behavior follows belief
  • Importance of equipping yourself with the right tools to succeed in a new venture
  • Digging into the uncomfortable areas, building real trust and creating strong relationships are important in coaching relationships
  • Not allowing bumps in the road, even big ones, to stop you from pursuing your dreams
  • How coaching certification can be valuable even if you don’t become a coach as a profession
  • Kim’s view of “parenting” vs. “child-ing” and the importance of providing guidance and allowing kids to learn to make decisions on their own
  • Don’t give answers to remember, but instead, give questions to solve
  • Daily habits that keep Kim positive and help her maintain alignment
  • Having empathy vs. having compassion
  • Collecting evidence that you live a rich life builds and helps maintain momentum
  • What Kim is optimistic about for 2017

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