33: The Time It Takes

In this episode, Tim and Megan dive into another Uphill Conversation around the time it takes in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. Connect with us and win some great UC swag!

Show Notes:

  • Human relationships, choices, empathy, and digging into our own emotions
  • Difference between quitting & surrender
  • Why people jump ship or give up mid-pursuit
  • Sharing your goals or ideas can either cause stagnation or incite accountability
  • Allowing for bends, obstacles and detours in your roadmap
  • Idealistic vs. realistic goals and dreams
  • Understanding that obstacles aren’t always the result of bad decisions
  • Life is a series of choices and can’t predict unexpected circumstances
  • Living through and into the journey is just as important as the end result
  • Does our culture of instant access, convenience + outsourcing cause us to live less gratifying lives?
  • What causes us to create our own mutiny?
  • Short term vs. long term decisions and visions are not mutually exclusive
  • Stories of people who have such strong commitment + self-belief that the only option is success, no matter how long it takes (Bob Taylor, Steve Jobs)
  • Cloud exercise as way to visualize then actualize your vision and goals
  • Relationships and people aren’t perfect, it’s important to listen, empathize and adjust
  • Tips to be successful and not jump ship:
    • Have a growth mindset
    • Know your appetite for this type of venture
    • Must be ok with making adjustments along the way
    • Adversity will reveal who you truly are and not who you say you are

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