35: Alicia Aberley – Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind

In this episode of Uphill Conversations, we interview Alicia Aberley and she shares what it means to Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind. Alicia is a noted Women’s Empowerment and Mindset Coach with a strong passion towards to guiding women through the art of putting themselves first so that they can design a life they love.  Also an accredited NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist, Author, Speaker and Reiki Master, Alicia has recently launched her global brand Alicia Aberley International.

Alicia looks to utilise her new brand to create a positive impact around the world by inspiring her clients to design their life on their own terms. Alicia has followed her passion to inspire women to connect with their true self, to step in to their own brilliance and to leave a legacy in this world. In all of her endeavors, Alicia donates 10% of her earnings to Destiny Rescue, an internationally-recognized non-profit dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade.


  • Alicia shares about her journey and what inspired her to be a guide for other women
  • Importance of putting oneself first, being lovingly selfish, then empowering others do the same
  • Letting go of guilt and the power of forgiveness
  • Constant need to be aware of and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Accepting and deconstructing emotions that have built up inside of you
  • We are not broken, we are breaking open or broken in all the right places
  • Truly owning all of your decisions and the resulting consequences
  • Do your relationships serve you? Are they giving you what you desire?
  • Acknowledgement and awareness of what you’re feeling: “Get dirty with the pain, roll around in it.”
  • How Alicia helps people to feel safe enough to fall apart in order to shine brightly
  • A few ways Alicia invests in herself: hiring a coach, reading, workshops, masterminds
  • Overcoming the fear and taking the leap into a new endeavor
  • The necessity of trusting yourself and letting go of the “How?”
  • True growth occurs when things don’t go your way
  • Fun and interesting way that Alicia finds joy in simple things
  • What Alicia is most optimistic about over the next 12 months



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