69: Knowing Your Roles + The Importance of Investment and Buy-In

On this episode, Tim and Megan have an Uphill Conversation on the importance of team members knowing their roles in order to achieve investment and buy-in.

Show Notes:

  • “If team members don’t know their roles, how can they feel invested? If they don’t see themselves in the picture, why should they buy into it?” – John C. Maxwell
  • Must be intentional as build out team to know the value that each team member brings, and thy must know as well
  • Create a culture where people can authentically be themselves
  • Strengths vs talents
  • Tendency to want those around you to conform to your image and approach when it comes to work and problem-solving
  • How do you create clarity in when and how to to work with others on your team and in your strengths
  • Leaders should encourage and desire for others to step up and ask questions when they disagree or don’t understand – people need room to grow and to stretch
  • Don’t just be great, be greater; go from best to better
  • Leaders are “lid lifters”
  • Resources for individuals to become better team members
  • It’s ok to push people out of their comfort zones, but don’t push them out of gift zones
  • Realize that you need to work with the whole person and not just what they can do for you
  • Ask yourself what buy-in means to you


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