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37: Todd Tresidder – Values, Wealth & Happiness

Todd Tresidder joins us for an Uphill Conversation on finances, values, wealth and happiness.

Todd graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.A. in economics and a passion for creating successful businesses. A serial entrepreneur since childhood, Todd went on to build his own wealth as a hedge fund investment manager before “retiring” at 35 to teach others. Today, he provides advanced investment and retirement planning education at FinancialMentor.Com showing you what works, what doesn’t, and why based on a depth of proven experience.

Show Notes: 

  • Disproving the “millionaire myth.”
  • Financial freedom opens up possibilities, but will not make you happy
  • Seeking financial wealth to compensate for feelings of low self-worth
  • Todd’s bumpy journey towards a more fulfilling life
  • We have ingrained values and traits alongside developed passions
  • Through actions and work, developed passions deepen
  • Important to align and honor your values with your passions
  • Power of clarity in decision making – theories versus evidence
  • Todd is a “hopeless realist”, not holding romantic delusions in work or life
  • Culture of convenience, instant gratification and “sound byte” environment sets us up for disappointment in journeys to make true impact, learn and grow
  • Todd measures wealth by how much value you’ve added to the world
  • Success takes hard work and resilience
  • Quantifying how much time remains in your life can impact how you’re living this year, month or day
  • Being internally directed versus externally directed in our lives
  • Being successful versus having significance; outcomes vs. process


  • “Judge by results, often harsh, always fair.” – Brian Klemmer
  • “Success is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.” – Thomas Edison
  • “What you do today is important because you’re trading a day of your life for it.” – Unknown
  • “Don’t do work based on what you do, but do it based on what you become.” – Po Bronson
  • “You are more than you’ve become.” – Friend of Tim Pecoraro
  • “Happiness is not the belief that we don’t need to change, it’s the realization that we can.” – Shawn Achor


Connect with Todd: 

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