100: Create Lift for Life + Work

Tim Pecoraro, Going Uphill

In this episode, Tim shares about the importance of creating the lift we all seek for life and work! Everyone will experience the reality of weight and drag in life. The key is not to focus on the weight or resistance, but on the individual responsibility and potential to create the lift needed to move forward.


  •  Answering the question, “what do you do when you feel things are working against you?”
  • Understanding the rudiments first
  • Laws, rules, and principles are real and exist
  • Working with what we perceive is working against us, and work with it
  • We all experience the opposite effects; Thrust + Drag, Lift + Weight
  • We need to work on our wings in order to create lift
  • Learning to change the direction and pressure of situations and circumstances to create lift
  • The effect that your ATTITUDE has on you, your life and future
  • Things to know about ATTITUDE: 1) Your attitude is the librarian of your past, 2)Your attitude is the voice of your present day, 3) Your attitude is the prophet for your future
  • In order to create lift, you need momentum


The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday


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