104: Kyle Marsh – The Next Steps

Kyle Marsh, The Next Steps

In this episode, Tim interviews Kyle Marsh, an entrepreneur, leader, and dear friend. Kyle is in the process of launching, The Next Steps, a one of a kind program focusing on mentorship and people who have struggled with addictions and need to do more than the traditional ways to manage and cope.


  • In his words, growing up as a military ‘Brat’
  • Creating waves and doing things his way
  • Ending up on the wrong path as a result of not receiving feedback or advice
  • The negative response and how he acted out when he experienced resistance
  • How being defiant led him to fifteens years of addiction
  • Learning to cope with drugs addition
  • Living a life of homelessness and shame
  • Experiencing tough love from family because of his destructive behavior and life choices
  • Changing for the wrong reasons + learning to change for the right reasons
  • Aha moment: digging a grave for drug money
  • Discovering a life program that deals with the heart and not just going to a treatment center
  • The difference between using willpower to stop and making the choice to embrace the power to change
  • Discovering the root problems and entering into true introspection
  • The crucible of the life refining process
  • Dealing with the harm and damage his life choices had on his family and those closest to him
  • The crucial adjustments made to turn his life around
  • Addictions are side effects – stinking thinking and the heart
  • The value of learning to see things from the other side
  • His vision for what he is launching, Next Steps
  •  Helping men in a weak state to rise up
  • Obstacles and barriers that men are dealing with
  • Identifying where you are bound so you can rise up
  • Making relationships the main ingredient for growth and life change
  • Building accountability and brotherhood in community
  • Kyles current challenges to launch Next Steps
  • Being a believer in one individual at a time


Website: www.nextstepstoday.com

Email: kyle.marsh@nextstepstoday.com 

Phone: +1 864-414-4795


My name is Kyle Marsh, and I was born in Mississippi. I am an Air Force brat, so I would like to say I am filtered due to the places I have lived. I am 41, with an amazing wife Becky, and a princess for a daughter Jade. I am currently enjoying a new journey in my life, one of giving back and trusting God’s plan. I can honestly say that this season will be my best.

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  1. Anthony Cesarski on September 27, 2018 at 4:09 AM

    Loved it brother!! You inspire and also have been there that’s what everyone needs!!

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