27: Balance – Something Will Always Suffer

In this week’s episode, Megan and Tim are engaging in an Uphill Conversation all around balance. Our goal is to help to create loose ends for you to tie up.

Show Notes: 

  • Provide a different perspective on balance
  • Balance doesn’t necessarily mean that all things are equal or can ever be equal
  • Megan shares insights from her own personal journey of self-discovery and awareness
  • Process of evaluation, communication and re-alignment
  • Navigating unavoidable dips, embracing the shift, and necessary endings in working towards balance
  • Instead of “Do I have Capacity?” ask “Do I want this?”
  • Tim’s method of creating a “To Don’t” list
  • Presence and focusing on strengths allows for deeper work
INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC (Used by permission):

No Worries (© 2014 Anderson Music, LLC)
You See Her (© 2011 Family Crest Music)

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