31: Jeffrey Slayter – Pushing Boundaries: How Open Is Your Thinking?

Jeffrey Slayter is a positive disrupter of psyches (in a practical good way), having played the role of transformational coach and facilitator and spoken to over three million people from twelve different countries. He has shared the stage with other incredible thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Dr. Demartini, Frank Kern, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and many others.

He questions the validity of the beliefs that are holding leaders back. Having likely coached one of the coaches you’ve engaged at some point along your entrepreneurial journey, Jeffrey Slayter has a level of mastery in facilitation that will have even the most sceptical of clients melting away years of being “stuck” in debilitating patterns.

Whether you’re building a billion dollar company or about to break through to the 7 figure mark, there are some core human behaviours that Jeffrey will help you embody faster than anyone else. Some of the world’s biggest game changers, social entrepreneurs, internet marketers and consultants have reported that Jeffrey’s golden edge is to integrate “purpose with profits” in a way that brings greater meaning to the work they are doing here in the world. Jeffrey feels called here in this lifetime to support the awakening of entrepreneurs while helping them achieve even greater outcomes for their purpose, profits, people and the planet.

Show Notes: 

  • Jeffrey’s love of surfing
  • Value of true, authentic connections – everyone communicates but few truly connect
  • Importance of being open and allowing yourself to see things from other perspectives
  • Absolute most impactful transformation happens at the edge of terror and bliss
  • Discussions on fear, risk and pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones
  • How Jeffrey works with entrepreneurs on personal transformation
  • Jeffrey’s interpretation of presence and what it means to be truly present
  • Self-belief and Jeffrey’s journey to become who he is now and who he ultimately wants to be in the future
  • Gratitude for life and embracing our own mystery
  • Our wants can distract us from what we actually need
  • Need to not get in someone’s way in finding their own clear path forward
  • Asking great questions is the secret and music to life
  • Importance of self-discovery and knowing your own heart as a leader
  • Encouraging patience and leading people in transformation when things seem chaotic
  • Different people receive things in different ways through differing perspectives
  • Jeffrey’s future visions for creating sustainable communities
  • What Jeffrey is most optimistic about for 2017
  • Jeffrey’s upcoming book release: The Evolutionary Entrepreneur

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