36: Lin Eleoff – Guts, Grit and Grace

Lin Eleoff joins us on Uphill Conversations to talk about the key components of living a gutsy glorious life. She is an author, lawyer and “rock your life” coach for women over 40. Lin has written what she calls “The New Rules” for women who are ready to WOMAN UP in all aspects of their lives, something she says takes GUTS, GRIT, and GRACE.

Lin says one of the worst things a woman can do is turn her back on herself when it comes to the woman she sees in the mirror.

Show Notes:

  • Need to pay attention to your inner voice – your inner 6-year-old
  • How Lin has lived a life filled with bold moves
  • Don’t overlook the importance of SECOND chances, whether they are given to you or you make them for yourself
  • Disciplines needed to cultivate persistence and grit
  • AFGOs – Another Freaking Growth Opportunity
  • Tremendous combination of guts, grit and grace
  • Importance of doing an audit of your own values: Are they yours or did you inherit them from someone else and you’ve been living them your whole life?
  • We are not called to get it right, we are called to learn
  • Trap of self-comparison versus embracing our uniqueness and imperfections
  • In order to change, we must be willing to see that supporting others to the detriment of ourselves is not as a badge of honor
  • Impact our parents have in our lives: inspiring us, imposing wisdom and leading by example
  • Using mantra “Cut. Bleed. Heal.” to work through situations where you’ve been wounded
  • Not allowing past wounds to determine our present or future actions
  • Awareness of inner feelings and recognizing signals to guide choices
  • Sometimes need to scare people into paying attention and taking responsibility, to understand the dangers of ignorance
  • How Lin invests in herself and empowers others
  • Lin’s perspective on the myth of “having it all”

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