39: Jessica Nazarali – Follow Your Intuition & Build the Life You Desire

Jessica Nazarali joins us for an Uphill Conversation around following your intuition and building the life you desire.

Jessica Nazarali knew from an early age that personal development would be part of her life’s work. But it wasn’t until she started a passion project – a blog and health food website in 2011 – that Jessica’s dream came to fruition. Today Jessica merges business with her desire to help people through the courses she releases through It Girl Academy and her podcast It Girl Radio. She is passionate about helping women to use the evergreen model for enrolling consistent clients without having to do big stressful launches.

Show Notes:

  • Jessica talks about her unique Coaching Mastery program
  • Relationship and differences between coaching and mentoring
  • Navigating bends and bumps in a mentor/mentee relationship and owning your decisions
  • Allowing yourself to pay attention to your intuition
  • Even though a method isn’t proven, doesn’t mean you won’t succeed
  • Jessica developed proprietary Evergreen Model(TM)
  • Using the OODA loop: observe-orient-decide-act
  • Appearance that you “have it all,” but still feel unfulfilled and confused
  • Importance of taking the first step when feeling stuck
  • Providing guidance and education while retaining authenticity
  • Recognizing the expanse of life gives perspective on having patience
  • Journaling, working with a coach and fitness are ways Jessica works on herself
  • How Jessica brings her ideas to life and tools she uses
  • The It Girl Foundation empowers women in developing countries
  • Possibilities for both failure and success can hold you back from making changes or taking risks

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