40: GrowCo 2017 – Lessons, Insights + Connections

Megan and Tim share insights and inspirations from the 2017 Inc. GrowCo conference in New Orleans.


  • Overall vibe of conference – sharing of ideas, connection and collaboration
  • New Ventures Megan and Tim have launched:
  • Going with your gut/intuition vs conducting direct or indirect research
  • If your road to your dream isn’t built, maybe it’s time to break ground
  • Social media has made everyone a part of the media
  • Self-expression & showcasing identity
  • Authenticity and willingness to learn is key to building trust
  • Intentionality in building your business and personal brands
  • Letting people behind the curtain (allowing yourself to be vulnerable) fosters a strong connection and allows for learning
  • Sometimes you need to take a chance and step outside of your circle
  • Importance of being mission focused
  • There is great power in the words we speak into our daughters and son
  • Value of having strong, complimentary, collaborative partnerships
  • Life and business are expansive – take your time and adjust your speed

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