50: Ryan Hawk – The Learning Leader

On this episode of Uphill Conversations, we delve into the topic of leadership with Ryan Hawk. He shares how his personal experiences and his Learning Leader Show podcast have shaped his life and leadership style.

Ryan Hawk is the creator and host of The Learning Leader Show, a top rated iTunes business podcast that focuses on learning from the smartest, most creative leaders in the world (including such luminaries as Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Kat Cole and Adam Grant). Hawk’s podcast has exploded on a global scale with listeners in 134 countries world-wide. Ryan also writes for The Huffington Post on the topics of leading and empowering others. In addition, he is an executive at a Fortune 500 company in a Leadership role. Full bio here.

Show Notes:

  • Good interviews require prep and true listening
  • Making connections and building relationships
  • Value of repetition and curiosity
  • Leadership is a choice and comes with great responsibility
  • Serving others, vulnerability and leading with trust
  • Not allowing others that negatively impact your mindset
  • Intentionally making time for deep work and leading from within
  • Empowering those you lead by giving them problems to solve
  • Parallels in leading, coaching and parenting
  • Preparing people by stretching and pushing them before releasing them to do the job
  • Hiring people who can adapt – who have faced adversity, who have grit
  • High-performers must do a better job celebrating their wins and not just successes of others
  • Importance of establishing daily habits and rituals
  • Teaching the value of hard work, love and respect
  • Raising our daughters to be strong women
  • Ryan’s uphill challenges + what he’s optimistic about
  • Megan + Tim’s input on common themes we hear from leaders on Uphill Conversations

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