51: Tim Pecoraro – People, Leadership + Growth

After a year of podcasting, we are celebrating our One Year Anniversary! In this episode, we turn the mic around and interview Co-host Tim Pecoraro. He talks about his love of people, leadership, and growth through adversity.

Show Notes: 

  • What has changed in Tim’s world since the very first episode
  • Tim’s joy in helping and uplifting others
  • Doing the right thing is subjective
  • It takes hard work to change your circumstances
  • Behavior follows belief and self-belief is incredibly important
  • What drew Tim to Coaching and Leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring are not synonymous
  • Value of time, ideas, and expertise
  • Importance of finding your own “sacred space” to be still and think deeply to discover your own clarity
  • How influential mentors and faith impacted Tim’s life and happiness
  • Genuine connection and engaged communication
  • Tim’s optimism about continuing to get compelling guests on our two podcasts, building Uphill Strategies and completing his book


INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC (Used by permission):

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