54: Working with Incompatibility – Relationships + Being Intentional

Tim and Megan have a winding and thought-provoking conversation where they discuss working with different styles, compatibility, relationships and being intentional. Are you living your life on purpose?

Show Notes:

  • Memorable 8/21 total eclipse moments for us in Greenville, SC
  • Know yourself, be yourself
  • Importance of discussing differences natural and adaptive work + social styles
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being a solopreneur vs. having a partner
  • One is to small of a number to accomplish anything of great significance
  • Natural predispositions and the dangers of simply staying in your lane
  • Value of opening yourself up to others and new relationships
  • Your accomplishments aren’t your identity
  • Willingness to look at things from another person’s point of view and making adjustments
  • Not allowing habits, past experiences or “ruts” to own your future
  • 10 ways to live a more intentional life
  • Opposites may attract, but building a relationship takes work
  • Diversity, inclusion and relationships require intentionally and cannot be forced
  • Differences should be celebrated, never tolerated
  • Is it more important to be right or to be in relationship?
  • You can believe that you’re right and that someone else is wrong, but you don’t have to punish someone for having a belief contrary to your own


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