56: Allison Carmen – The Gift of Maybe

Allison Carmen joins us for an Uphill Conversation on “The Gift of Maybe.” We discuss how Maybe had changed her life and the lives of others by allowing them to remain open to possibilities.

As a life coach, business consultant and author, Allison Carmen has developed the simple life philosophy called “Maybe” to help people deal with the uncertainty of life. She has successfully applied the philosophy to help her clients, who range from entrepreneurs and owners of multi-million dollar companies to artists, actors, writers, fashion designers, attorneys, health care workers, parents, nannies and the homeless. Allison has witnessed hundreds of people, regardless of present circumstances, who had the courage to step into the realm of Maybe improve their lives. Full bio here.

Show Notes: 

  • Our society’s addiction to certainty
  • Optimism and our ability to take perceived negative occurrences in stride
  • Having control vs. fear of the unknown
  • Awareness and curiosity
  • Put your emphasis on the journey
  • Beauty of presence and being open to all of life’s possibilities
  • Uncertainty is the beginning of all creativity
  • Need to allow our thoughts and emotions to move through us
  • Exercises to embrace and practice Maybe
  • “Maybe” is a tool to stay resilient when things don’t go as planned
  • Allison shares how she has implemented Maybe in her own life
  • Allowing others to show up in our lives as the best versions of themselves
  • Perspective and taking a second look at our own views
  • Allison’s Uphill Challenge in getting her book published
  • Allison’s optimism about family, the world and all the unknown possibilities

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