57: Camille Preston – Energy + Flow

Camille Preston, PhD, PCC joins us for a conversation on igniting peak performance. We discuss energy, awareness and our capacity to create more flow.
Camille is a leadership expert. She understands where people are, what is happening to them, and how to be their best selves most quickly. Camille specializes in helping people unlock their capacity for excellence, action, and impact. Her clients learn to lead—and live—better. A psychologist by training, Camille is masterful in recognizing underlying patterns that inhibit performance.  She works with individuals and teams to identify specific actions they can take to amplify impact. In 2008, she identified the negative impact of technology and was on the front edge of the tech mindfulness movement with her book Rewired.  Full bio here.
Show Notes:
  • Igniting peak performance through awareness, perspective + planning
  • There is incredible energy in emotion
  • Presence and harnessing the power of past peak performance
  • Impact of experiencing and discovering your flow
  • Importance of realizing and embracing your own success formulas
  • Develop resources + relationships that boost your energy
  • Disciplines to deal with depletion, capacity, margin + proximity
  • Our tendency to be reactive instead of creative
  • Controlling access and ability to tap into energy sources
  • Benefits of proactively feeding into your soul and well-being
  • Allowing for space/margin to think deeply and deal with unexpected
  • Camille’s definition of bandwidth in an overwired world
  • Flow enhances creativity and drastically improves productivity
  • Thoughtful preparation is necessary to achieve desired outcomes: be clear on the outcome, but flexible on the approach
  • Maintaining impact through collaboration + empowerment
  • How Camille “dreams into people” and continues on her journey uphill
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