59: Josh Elledge – Serving Breeds Success

Josh Elledge joins us for an Uphill Conversation on the power of serving others and giving of oneself as a means to grow your business and achieve your dreams.

Josh Elledge is the Chief Executive Angel at SavingsAngel.com and helps consumers get discounts and upgrades on everything through his syndicated newspaper column with 1.1 million readers and on TV in 75 cities. He’s been in the media more than 1500 times. Josh now turns digital entrepreneurs into media celebrities at upendPR.com. Full bio here.

Show Notes:

  • How Josh used his journalism background, worked with local media, provided value to their audiences and SERVED
  • Spent less than $500 in advertising – “everything we do is through service and giving and providing value to audiences”
  • Feeling a moral imperative to help other business owners succeed
  • What holds you back: fear of judgment
  • Fear robs us from those things that we feel called to do
  • An early desire to join the US Navy and to be self-reliant translates to his passion to empower others to do the same
  • View money as a by-product, not as sole motivation
  • “Who do I get to serve to today?” versus “Who am I going to sell to today?”
  • Josh’s mission is to change the PR industry
  • Staying balanced/grounded means protecting yourself, saying no sometimes and surrounding yourself with great people.
  • Make investments that put you outside of your comfort zone
  • Best ways to grow your business:
    • 1. Network with influencers
    • 2. Serve large audiences
  • Not JUST serving, but INTENTIONAL serving
  • The importance of scheduling your priorities.

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