61: Chris Breen – Selling it all to Build Your Future

Chris Breen joins us and shares his journey of self discovery and entrepreneurship. He greatly values continuous learning and realizes the power of investing in oneself.

Chris and his wife Amy have been successful entrepreneurs for 20 years.  They currently operate 2 construction companies, a construction management firm and coach other entrepreneurial couples like themselves. Chris is a Certified Trainer in Training with Wake Up Warrior and has a passion for men to live up to their purposes. They live in upstate South Carolina with their 3 children.

Show Notes: 

  • Being happily “unemployable”
  • Raised with entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged to build something
  • Chris’s journey from a landscaping company at 14 years old to now owning a construction management firm and operating two companies
  • Value of supporting and feeling “called” to mission work
  • Sold first business, their home and almost all of their belongings to travel across country with their three children for five months
  • Discovered that “you can be serving and kingdom-minded within an industry”
  • “Instead out of doing something out of my desire, I felt it was my obedience to my calling”
  • Tendency to move in the direction of what you want to do – what gives you pleasure – rather than following your calling + purpose
  • Stepping away from something can provide incredible perspective on your gifts and purpose
  • Beginning with core values and a clear vision in building a business – being intentional
  • You can’t do it on your own – must surround yourself with great people to free yourself up empower others
  • You must learn to lead yourself before you can lead others
  • Creating space and opportunities to truly connect + be present with your loved ones
  • Importance of investing in yourself – it can be contagious to those around you + ROI is what YOU do with it
  • Chris’s advice for younger generations: “Develop a routine that’s going to put you in a place of power every day.”
  • Coaching provides an opportunity for perspective you can’t gain on your own + challenging you to see things differently


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