66: Terra Winston – Showing Up + Holding Power

In this episode, Terra Winston joins us for an Uphill Conversation on how each of us shows up in our daily lives – at work and home – and our ability to all “hold power.”

Terra Winston, Ringleader of inTerractions and Principal of inTerract Consulting, has dedicated her life to helping her clients unleash the potential of each employee. She is a leadership consultant and executive coach with 20 years of internal and external business consulting experience. Terra has a flexible style that has driven results in boardrooms and on plant floors, for Fortune 100 companies and small start-ups, alike.

Show Notes:

  • Terra’s background in engineering + discovering her fascination of how and why people work
  • We get put into boxes early on based on our intellectual or physical gifts
  • Tendency to be defined by who others teach us to be
  • It can be hard to figure out what you really want to do + who you are at the core
  • Tactics for self-discovery on what is meaningful in your own life
  • We get caught up in the “thing” that we forget the importance of what’s behind it
  • Tendency to focus too much on what we can’t do, rather than what we can do + what is nearby
  • Ask yourself, does something feel “light” or “dark” – take heed of your gut reaction
  • You must make compromises in the moment in order to attain long-term visions + goals
  • You must own your outcome + make intentional choices in your life
  • Must know the game you’re playing: “If there are two people in the room, a game is afoot … every organization has rules written and unwritten”
  • Need to understand how you show up in the room and that you hold power – especially if you want to be in a leadership position
  • Need to guide + teach our youth emotional intelligence + self-awareness
  • Lack of trust is the major contributor to redundancy + inefficiency in organizations
  • Importance of holding one another accountable and making accountability central to your culture
  • Balancing care and candor
  • Difficulty in walking away from stability to go after your dreams
  • You must not only have a vision, but also a conviction to follow through

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