67: Creating Emotional + Physical Margin

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, Tim and Megan have an Uphill Conversation on progress, limits + creating margin – physical and emotional.

Show Notes:

  • As a society we are overwhelmed, overcommitted and over-stressed
  • The promise and peril of progress
  • Humans have a limited amount of resources – physical, financial, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Type-A people don’t view margin as a necessary reserve, but rather as a gap to be filled
  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should
  • Living your life at full throttle + full capacity is not sustainable
  • Need to find things that replenish and energize you
  • Must determine your true capacity and your own individual limits and LISTEN to them
  • Need to intentionally live and make choices that align with what you want
  • How are you proactively doing to create your own margin?
  • 8 tips for restoring margin in emotional energy
  • 7 tips for managing or even restoring your resource of time


INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC (Used by permission):
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Straight Drive (© 2017 Tim Pecoraro)
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