71: Terry Ogburn – Finding Courage in Uncertainty

On this episode, Tim and Megan have an Uphill Conversation with Terry Obgurn on hard work, determination and courage in the face of uncertainty.

Terry Ogburn is the renowned owner and Lead Business Coach of Ogburns Business Solutions. His proprietary coaching system and personal devotion to the development of others has contributed to the success of hundreds of small to large business ventures. Read his full bio here.

Show Notes: 

  • Terry’s background and how he started his own business
  • Terry’s corporate experience and consulting work
  • How Terry learned the value of hard work from an early age
  • How growing up in a military household shaped Terry’s life + understanding
  • Fear, uncertainty and doubt are enemies of success and happiness
  • The difference between being courage and cowardice is 3 seconds
  • If you’re afraid of something, get more education
  • Obstacles get smaller as you move towards them
  • The skill of being a great listener
  • Positive + negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time
  • Our mind is programmed to go to the negative rather than the positive
  • Fear means face everything and rise to the occasion
  • Terry’s 4 steps to overcome a fear or obstacle: make decisions, create disciplines, be decisive, visualization
  • Bridging the gap between dreams and reality
  • Time management means reflecting + evaluating your day then planning out your goals for the next day
  • Need for both certainty and uncertainty in our lives
  • Developing unconscious competence in positive habits
  • Terry’s optimism and how he gives back and serves others

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