73: Lee McDerment – Embrace Life + Discover Purpose

In this episode Tim and Megan have an Uphill Conversation with Lee McDerment on facing and going through crisis, embracing life and discovering your purpose.

Lee has been on staff at NewSpring Church since the very beginning in 2000. As the very first hire, Lee was NewSpring’s Worship Pastor for 15 years, then in 2015 transitioned to being our Creative Arts Pastor. Now he is serving NewSpring as the Campus Pastor for Greenville. Lee’s favorite calling in life is being a husband to Ali and a dad to his two children, Gray and Lucy.

Show Notes

  • “I don’t care how much you know, unless I know how much you care.”
  • Lee’s journey from chemical engineering to music + ministry
  • Discovering purpose in crisis
  • NewSpring’s one church, many locations concept was built from a campus bible study group to 20,000 members in 15 years
  • It can be easy to make decisions that set the course of your life only to discover you are living someone else’s path
  • To discover your passion, ask yourself + seek understanding of what you don’t want and where you don’t want to go
  • Lee’s encouragement to ask God for help, dare to believe that He loves you enough, that He’s smart enough to provide ideal answers – then having the willingness to do what’s necessary
  • “Love is the rocket fuel that gets you going in the right direction” when faced with a difficult obstacle or challenge
  • Lack of love for self is prominent in our world
  • Handling change in a rapidly growing organization
  • In seasons of change, must have a deep ballast, knowing you will weather the storm
  • When you experience a loss of any kind, you must fully embrace the process of grief and go through the non-linear steps – you must feel them and all the emotions that come with it
  • Show up and do your work, but do the soul care in your off time – lean on your loved ones and allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • If you’ve gone through something difficult, you need to give yourself permission to not be OK for a while
  • “The Rise of the Real”
  • You see what’s inside of people when they get squeezed
  • Power of having others by your side to support you + need to care for yourself and your family first

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