76: Laurie Vaquer – Take Me Cooking

On this episode, Tim has an Uphill Conversation with Laurie Vaquer on her journey from civil engineering to a traveler to experiential cooking entrepreneur.

Laurie was born in France. At the age of 25, she moved to Africa and found a job there. She is a civil engineer and worked in Real Estate in the Ivory Coast and DR Congo for four years until she decided to quit her well-paid job at age 30 to start a company. The company is a platform connecting food enthusiasts + travelers with local cooks through hands-on cooking experiences: www.takemecooking.com. Cooking experiences are currently available in locations including Argentina, Serbia, Japan, and Tanzania, but options are rapidly expanding.

Show Notes: 

  • Laurie’s journey as an entrepreneur and creating the platform Take Me Cooking
  • Sharing experiences in different cooking + cultures
  • Connecting people through cooking and “breaking bread”
  • Impact of experiences in the story of our lives
  • Taking the leap, following your gut and changing the trajectory of your life
  • Joys and challenges of launching an international business
  • Importance of networking and connecting with others
  • Overcoming challenges and obstacles on the road to your dream
  • Working with individuals, hosts, and guests
  • Laurie’s vision for the experience + future of Take Me Cooking
  • Creating opportunities for people to connect in a new and special way with locals when traveling to new destinations
  • Cooking provides an opening for greater connection and community
  • Relationship and communal aspects of cooking
  • Health benefits of preparing your own food + cooking at home
  • Different ways to meet others when you relocate to a new place
  • Making significant changes in your life and overcoming fear of change
  • Laurie’s favorite books, blogs, chef and more!
  • What Laurie is doing for continued growth and self-improvement

Connect with Laurie: 


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