77: Jen Hemphill – Your Money Mindset

Jen Hemphill, Her Money Matters, Money, Confidence

In this episode, Tim has a great conversation with Jen Hemphill around the Money, Money Mindset, Money Stories, and Money Headquarters. Jen shares practical tips for anyone who wants to look at their bank account, and build confidence no matter where you are in your ‘Money Story.’

Who I am:  Mom, wife, mentor, money coach, entrepreneur
What I do:  Teach, speak & write about making the best life and not letting money be an obstacle towards this but rather how to use it to live the life you truly want.
Things I love:  Photography, the gym, dancing, coffee, laughing, girls night out, date nights with my husband, time with my boys, traveling, personal development


  • Building confidence with finances
  • Building a career as a military spouse
  • Money and its impact
  • Relationship with money
  • Money + confidence and bringing them together
  • Own your confidence and taking action
  • Money Headquarters
  • Money wins
  • Money Stories – we all have a past, current and future story
  • Money Mindset


Website – jenhemphill.com
Podcast – Her Money Matters

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