82: Naseema Perveen – Business + Relationship in a Digital World

Naseema Perveen, Social Media, Virtual Assistant, Digital

In this episode, Tim has an inspiring conversation with Naseema Perveen, a digital entrepreneur who adds value to global clients with her knowledge, skills and expertise. Naseema brings her authenticity, wisdom, knowledge and people skills into everything she does.


  • Passion for entrepreneurs and driving the digital economy
  • Turning her STRUGGLE to find a job into her PASSION to help others in the digital economy
  • How to build connections and relationships virtually
  • Treating people you meet in the digital realm as human beings
  • Being yourself and not manufacturing your message
  • Creating content around your passion + vision makes better connections
  • The advantages + disadvantages working in the digital space
  • Obstacles + challenges of stepping out into the digital economy
  • BUILDING + EARNING trust and what it takes
  • Having to overcome family traditions and way of thinking as it relates to valid work, career and process
  • Building the trust needed to earn a greater wage
  • Placing GREATER VALUE on yourself and the work you do and charging accordingly
  • FACING your FEARS as you build your business and relationship
  • Building your personal brand to earn the trust you need to be respected and paid fairly in the digital economy
  • How CURIOSITY is crucial for discovering new + better connections

Naseema Perveen is a budding entrepreneur who helps businesses and women entrepreneurs globally to thrive online using her content writing, and social media brand building skills.



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