84: Ellen Tadd – The Infinite View

Ellen Tadd, The Infinite View, Attunement

In this episode, Tim has a very enlightening conversation with Ellen Tadd exploring her new book The Infinite View, the importance of spirituality and how to experience and live with a greater understanding of our total being.


  • The watershed event that helped her discover herself
  • How she discovered the spiritual world
  • Clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • Genuine experience and misinterpreted experience
  • Seeing life on earth as a school
  • Attunement
  • The importance of meditation and moving beyond preconceived notions
  • Positivity as our greatest protection
  • The energetic response of thoughts and feelings
  • Being neutral is not strong enough
  • The ‘Third-Eye”,  the center of wisdom
  • How many people are living in the ‘gut’ and the results
  • Life is much clearer when you live with your eyes open
  • How we perceive informs how we feel
  • Anecdote inadequacy with humility
  • Stilling the brain chatter
  • Imagining a ‘Miniature You’
  • Mistakes are good and necessary for learning and growing
  • The difference between the ‘bing’ and the ‘thud’
  • The misconception of ease


Ellen Tadd is an internationally known clairvoyant counselor, educator, and author who has been teaching and counseling for more than forty years. She is widely respected for the integrity of her work, the accuracy of her perceptions and guidance, and the clarity and usefulness of her teaching.

Shortly after completing her freshman year in college Ellen had a remarkable experience in which she was able to contact her deceased mother. Her mother’s presence and message healed Ellen’s childhood trauma of denying her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts and transformed her view of the world. Very soon after this awakening she began to have contact with guides and teachers from spiritual realms who provided her with an extraordinary education.

Tadd is the author of three books: her latest book, The Infinite View, released in spring 2017, The Wisdom of the Chakras, and Death and Letting Go which appeared on the Boston Globe bestseller list.


The Infinite View – by Ellen Tadd

Wisdom of the Chakras – by Ellen Tadd

Death and Letting Go – by Ellen Tadd


Website: ellentadd.com

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