87: The Critical Questions

Tim Pecoraro, Uphill Conversations, Questions

In this episode, Tim shares some of the critical questions and the thought process behind them, for decision making and change.


  • Intuition + Observation
  • Contemplation + Reflection
  • Appropriate or inappropriate
  • Listen to what your feelings are saying, and think about what you’ve heard
  • Pray, meditate, be still, and listen


  • Do I want this?
  • Why do I want this?
  • What outcome do I expect?
  • If it doesn’t go the way I expect, will I own the outcome?
  • Is this in alignment with who I am and what I believe to be true?
  • What am I willing to exchange for what I desire?
  • Who will this effect? What will be the impact?

INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC (Used by permission):
Continuation Vibe – Written, arranged and performed by Luke Pecoraro (© 2018 LSP Music)
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