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102: Sarah Gregg – The Power to Reinvent

Sarah Gregg, The Power To Reinvent

In this episode, Tim interviews Sarah Gregg, the founder, and creator of The Power To Reinvent. Sarah believes you can achieve what you want in life, with consistency and total ease when you follow your purpose and find flow. From selling all of her belongings and uprooting her life to finding fulfillment, Sarah will inspire you and speak to your future aspirations.


  • Transition + Upping the Gratitude
  • Checking every box but still feeling empty. Now what?
  • Courage to admit your are off course and dealing with the truth
  • Living fully and with risk
  • The fragile process of navigating change
  • How she turned her back on her passions
  • Re-engaging her passion by witnessing someone doing it badly
  • Using change techniques to enhance existing resources
  • Having your place in the world and not just filling an empty space
  • It’s about FLOW, not the HUSTLE
  • Learning that challenges are the biggest opportunities for growth
  • Stepping into the adventure of life and being unapologetically yourself
  • Happiness doesn’t rise with earning more money
  • Things she’s learned about herself while helping others
  • Getting your goals clear and taking action to move forward
  • Purpose, calling and shift at the point of crisis
  • The importance of purpose
  • The difference in writing a list of things you want to do v. what you don’t want to do
  • The Power to Reinvent and Goal Setting
  • Treating obstacles as a gift
  • Speaking good things into existence
  • Living for an audience of one



Instagram: @thepowertoreinvent


Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans


Sarah Gregg ditched her well paid comfy as a business coach in the pursuit of a location independent life. In 2017 she sold her house, her car and all her possessions to travel and work around the world with her husband Chris.

Sarah is a qualified coach, psychology graduate NLP Practioner and founder of The Power to Reinvent, Sarah believes you can achieve what you want in life, with consistency and total ease when you follow your purpose and finding flow. Sarah works with individuals and businesses worldwide.

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