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109 – One Word for the New Year

Tim Pecoraro, 2019, New Year

In this episode, Tim shares his journey and process of working through the choices and decisions he made prior to 2018 and the divine intervention that helped him course correct. Tim reveals how he had to take himself back to what he knows to be true about himself and his purpose. Ultimately getting to his One Word and his true North for 2019 and beyond. Enjoy!


  1. Take the time to review the last year
  2. Ask yourself – What went well?
  3. Ask yourself – What didn’t go well?
  4. Ask yourself – What did I learn?
  5. Ask yourself – Where am I headed? What do I want to go now and next?
  6. Share + Invite others in – your inner-circle is vital for:
    • Challenge
    • Accountability
    • Connection
    • Empathy
    • Value
    • Learning

INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC (Used by permission):
Continuation Vibe – Written, arranged and performed by Luke Pecoraro (© 2018 LSP Music)
Uphill Conversations is an Uphill Strategies, LLC production © 2016 – 2018 Uphill Conversations

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