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42: Discover Your Inner-Genius

In this episode Tim and Megan dive into the topic of discovering and embracing your inner-genius and unmistakable creativity.

Show Notes:

  • Borrowing color and putting it back into the world
  • Like fingerprints, .1% of our DNA is completely unique
  • Focus less on similarities and more on unique differences
  • Leaders should cultivate, extract and celebrate diversity and creativity within teams
  • Be unapologetically yourself while still respecting the views and differences of others
  • Instead of answers to remember, let’s give our children problems to solve
  • Allow people the freedom to discover new and different ways to approach and solve problems
  • Creativity can be applied to all areas, not just the arts
  • Be liberated to suspend the need to be realistic
  • How leaders can inspire greater creativity within teams
  • Mastery is not perfection, it’s practicing until you get it right
  • Have a growth mindset – aspire to be a lifelong learner
  • Settling for mediocrity (“rusting out”) means never stretching yourself to achieve more
  • Nothing listens better than blank piece of paper
  • Embrace your imperfections and stop pursuing perfection
  • 8 ways to draw out your unmistakable creative:
    1. Having the desire to touch, feel, interact and engage with the world around you
    2. Be present with people who inspire
    3. Embrace creative daring
    4. Enjoy blank sheets of paper
    5. Cross your own boundaries
    6. Develop your grit
    7. Leverage repetition
    8. Embrace pressure as a privilege

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