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60: Bud Torcom – Authentic Connection in a Digital World

In this episode, we have an Uphill Conversation with young professional, entrepreneur and business owner Bud Torcom on authentic connection, relationships and values in an increasingly automated and digital world.

Bud Torcom is the CEO and co-founder of Mazama Media, a digital marketing agency that offers high-quality social and digital media solutions for businesses. Mazama Media focuses on the individual needs and personalities of clients to create unique and engaging social media content, and the company is part of the prestigious Facebook Small Business Council. In addition, Bud is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, which has recognized him as an industry leader among advertising and media strategy firms.

Show Notes:

  • Creating company policies that match your core values
  • At Mazama Media fun + continuous learning are central
  • Setting stretch goals for your organization – i.e. an anxiety free workplace
  • Benefits + pitfalls of a world increasingly conditioned for instant communication and gratification
  • Social tools like LinkedIn are incredibly powerful for connection + sharing information, but are often abused by those looking to push a product or service
  • Importance of leading by example + learning from mistakes
  • Bud believes leadership is “always looking out for the person on your left and the person on your right”
  • Coinciding need for intentionality in relationships alongside need to embrace our increasingly automated world
  • Multitasking is not truly possible “you don’t have a split screen brain”
  • Generation Y and their use of technology and social media channels
  • How online dating could impact our future generations’ ability to successfully network and interview
  • What would happen if we stopped just showing our best moments on social media – what if we “got real?” Could we help others?
  • Importance of investing in oneself through continuous learning
  • Building a relationship with your local community can be essential to small business success
  • Tips for developing, reinforcing and celebrating your company’s core values

Connect with Bud: 


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