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65: Jonathan Parker – Art of the Conversation

In this episode we speak with Jonathan Parker on the Art of the Conversation and creating great vocal art through curiosity, asking great questions, listening and sharing.

Jonathan Parker is a creative thought-leader and influencer who has a captivating story about why the Art of the Conversation became important to him. Originally from New England, Jonathan did not speak until almost five years old; and then became an adult who is known for engaging conversations and powerful public speaking. His own journey led him to research and value the incredible power of intentional conversations resulting in a compelling training around this topic that he takes to businesses and nonprofit organizations with great success.

Show Notes:

  • We are all artists and our conversations are our artwork
  • Need to once again give people the permission to be curious
  • An artist is first accountable to themselves, not the viewer
  • We’ve become so used to others telling us what we believe, that we become counterfeit artists
  • What you do comes from who you are, it doesn’t make you who you are
  • We are so hard on ourselves that self-reflection can be scary
  • In order to grow self-awareness, seek to understand why you do the things you do
  • You need a to build an inner circle who can be brutally honest
  • Prescribed authenticity versus true authenticity
  • Jonathan believes there are two universal things all people want:
    • The opportunity to communicate
    • The respect to be heard
  • Importance of creating margin and self-discovery
  • Social media is a powerful tool, but gives a false impression of connection and conversation
  • Need to learn how to truly communicate and actively listen instead of actively responding
  • Busyness versus productivity
  • “If you tell the truth, you don’t have remember anything” – Mark Twain
  • Leaders must model the behaviors they desire: you can only multiply what you model
  • No one can consistently act in a way that is inconsistent with how they view themselves
  • Jonathan’s desire to create a space for fellowship and connection outside of church for believers
  • Surprise and reward in stepping out and pursuing your passion
  • Optimism that we will come together for more conversations and that relationships will get deeper because of differences, not in spite of them

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