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95: Todd Tresidder – The Leverage Equation

Todd Tresidder, Financial Mentor, The Leverage Equation

In this episode, Tim has another conversation with Todd Tressider a brilliant financial mind who is relatable and practical. Tresidder shares what he has learned and unlearned, as well as finding satisfaction in life!


  • Focus + Personal Growth + Financial Freedom
  • Learning daily and overcoming obstacles
  • The connection between the spiritual and financial
  • Emotional baggage and financial issues
  • Defining fulfillment
  • The requirements of fulfillment
  • What does retirement really mean?
  • Developing a broader point-of-view
  • Getting a bigger understanding
  • Know the levels of understanding
  • What Todd’s unlearned
  • Avoiding distractions and staying on course
  • Successful people know how to recognize the difference between opportunity and distraction
  • Getting live feedback to develop his latest book
  • Principles + practices to better connect with others
  •  Having a level of intensity in the mind and self-acceptance
  • Todd’s new book and his expectations
  • Todds legacy


  • B.A. in Economics from University of California at Davis
  • Member of Economics Honors Society and Deans List
  • A serial entrepreneur since childhood building many businesses and retiring at age 35 from his position as a Hedge Fund Investment Manager responsible for a 20+ million dollar portfolio.
  • Todd’s portfolio management for the Hedge Fund produced 100% winning years except one which was less than a 5% loss.
  • Raised net worth from less than zero at age 23 to self-made millionaire 12 years later by “walking the talk” using the same personal finance and investment strategies taught on this web site.
  • An early pioneer and expert in statistical and mathematical risk management systems for investing.
  • Financially independent from age 35 through investing – not marketing – unlike many other financial gurus who made their money through marketing courses and books.
  • Still an active investor who earns consistent investment returns in both up and down markets.



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