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96: Patricia Young – Awakening to Life

Patricia Young, Awakening to Life

In this episode, Tim has a conversation with the coach, author, and host of the podcast  Awakening to Life, Patricia Young. Patricia is full of insight, nurturing energy, with a very strategic mind! Listen in and enjoy!


  • Her life and transitions and what she discovered
  • Anxiety and panic attacks even when things were great!
  • Learning to listen to what life is telling you
  • Asking bigger questions
  • Stop living small
  • Two powerful questions she answered for herself early on
  • Having a willingness to explore and discover
  • Her mess is her message
  • Taking baby steps and getting clarity to work through anxiety
  • How putting limits on your dreams will produce symptoms
  • Being open to see what the journey will reveal to you
  • The power of sacred space every day to connect with yourself
  • Collecting evidence and sacred space
  • Unapologetic self-love is the key to developing confidence
  • How we learn to un-love ourselves when we are growing up
  • Stories + self-image
  • Beyond “Never Enough”
  • Kicking the habits that were holding her back
  • The importance of remaining open to life
  • Being curious and kind
  • About her book, Awakening to Life
  • Three things Patricia is optimistic about over the next 12 months


Awakening to Life: Your Sacred Guide to Consciously Creating a Life of Purpose, Magic, and Miracles by Patricia Young



LinkedIn: in/patriciayoungfl

Instagram: @innerprosperityacademy

Facebook: innerprosperityacademy

Twitter: @InnerProsperity


Patricia Young is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Holistic Coach, host of the Awakening to Life podcast, founder of Inner Prosperity Academy, and author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling Book “Awakening to Life: Your Sacred Guide to Consciously Creating a Life of Purpose, Magic, and Miracles.”.

With her keen insights, nurturing energy, and proven strategies Patricia has worked with hundreds of people in her coaching practice and online programs, supporting sensitive and growth-oriented women to lead more meaningful lives. She helps her clients connect with their inner courage and confidence, and identify their highest life vision, so they can make braver decisions and take action to bring their vision into reality—personally and professionally.

Patricia has been featured in Aspire Magazine, on OM Times Radio, and on websites such as FinerMinds by Mindvalley, Lifehack, Personal Growth, Sivana Spirit and The Wellness Universe. She has shared the virtual stage with Dr. Alex Loyd, Dana Wilde, Meadow & Denise Linn, Carol Look, Kari Samuels and Dee Wallace on multiple Tele-summits.

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