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98: Megan Koval – Introspection + Wonder

Megan Koval, AWOL Strategy, AWOL Strategies

In this episode, Tim has a great conversation with Megan Koval, a pathfinder, explorer, and creator, who believes in going AWOL to really live and discover life. Megan is vibrant and full of joy and it shines through with each moment of the show. Tim and Megan dig into the coupling of introspection and wonder and the resulting effect of being fulfilled. Enjoy!


  • The value leaving and venturing out and ‘Pathfinding’
  • What prompted her to launch out with her AWOL strategy and how she got there
  • Getting real with her own pursuits
  • Not the pursuit of happiness but the pursuit of fulfillment
  • Purpose, being and existence
  • Going AWOL – living your greatest potential + serving others
  • Megan’s definition of wonder
  • Permission to play
  • Buying a plane ticket for an introspective quest with her name on it
  • The power of story
  • Defining confidence
  • The value that comes from pathfinding conversations + conversations
  • Her own uphill challenges
  • Three things she’s optimistic about over the next 12 months



LinkedIn: in/megankoval

Instagram: @megankoval

Facebook: @meganelsakoval


Megan Koval is a Brand Pathfinder based in New York City helping people and businesses clarify their pursuits so they can profit from their potential. After working with Fortune 500 brands like Nike and NBCUniversal for over seven years as a brand and communications strategist, she uses her arsenal of knowledge, techniques and time-honored tools to help people and businesses clarify and brand the path of their dreams. Her fascination with expeditions (around the world to within) coupled with her love for genuine storytelling was the catalyst for AWOL Strategy.

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