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Tyler Harris: Uphill Words of Wisdom

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What are 3 signature things you tell people regarding your area of expertise?

Sales: “Riches in Niches”

  • Don’t try to be all things to all people. The more narrow you can make your niche, the better.
  • Figure out the people that you ENJOY working with and build a system around serving them.
  • Devote yourself fully to understanding your target market. This is the ultimate form of respect.

What is your favorite quote?

  • “If you seek pleasure, the world will deliver you pain. If you seek pain, the world will deliver you pleasure” – Joseph Caldwell (my mentor)

If you could offer one piece of advice, what would you tell your younger self?

  • Be patient.  The struggle will be the best part of your story and your greatest source of strength.

What are your 3 favorite books?

What are three nouns that describe you?

  • Competitor
  • Servant
  • Creator

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Download Tyler’s Words of Wisdom One Sheet

Listen to Tyler on UCYP Episode #18 + Uphill Conversations #74 

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