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14: YP Perspective – What type of Vocal Art are you creating?

Listen as we discuss vocal art and the power of our words in this great conversation with Jonathan Parker. He believes there is artwork in curiosity, asking great questions, listening and sharing.

Show Notes:

  • We are all artists + conversations are our artwork
  • What would happen, how could we change the world, if we took our words more seriously?
  • Curiosity is the canvas of all of our artwork
  • We must define what we believe about ourselves and stay accountable to those beliefs.
  • Our lives are filled with others telling us what we believe – we end up being “counterfeit artists.”
  • We are not defined by our work. The work exists because of us.
  • Self-reflection can be scary. One must grow in self-awareness: seek to understand why they do the things they do
  • You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – are these the right people?
  • Prescribed authenticity versus true authenticity
  • Everyone desires the opportunity to communicate + the respect to be heard (no matter your age, gender, race or heritage)
  • Important for YPs to create margin (space + time) to discover what they truly want, what they believe, not what you were raised to want and believe.
  • Social media is a powerful tool but gives a false impression of connection and conversation
  • Need to shift from actively responding to actively listening
  • Millennials grow up being told what they should be, then come to a point where they are lost – they’ve never stopped to think what they WANT to be, themselves
  • No conversation is a throwaway – people remember you based on every individual interaction
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to refine your art, to constantly improve

Guest Bio: Jonathan Parker is a creative thought-leader and influencer who has a captivating story about why the Art of the Conversation became important to him. Originally from New England, Jonathan did not speak until almost five years old; and then became an adult who is known for engaging conversations and powerful public speaking. His own journey led him to research and value the incredible power of intentional conversations resulting in a compelling training around this topic that he takes to businesses and nonprofit organizations with great success.

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