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77: Jen Hemphill – Your Money Mindset

Jen Hemphill, Her Money Matters, Money, Confidence

In this episode, Tim has a great conversation with Jen Hemphill around the Money, Money Mindset, Money Stories, and Money Headquarters. Jen shares practical tips for anyone who wants to look at their bank account, and build confidence no matter where you are in your ‘Money Story.’

Who I am:  Mom, wife, mentor, money coach, entrepreneur
What I do:  Teach, speak & write about making the best life and not letting money be an obstacle towards this but rather how to use it to live the life you truly want.
Things I love:  Photography, the gym, dancing, coffee, laughing, girls night out, date nights with my husband, time with my boys, traveling, personal development


  • Building confidence with finances
  • Building a career as a military spouse
  • Money and its impact
  • Relationship with money
  • Money + confidence and bringing them together
  • Own your confidence and taking action
  • Money Headquarters
  • Money wins
  • Money Stories – we all have a past, current and future story
  • Money Mindset


Website –
Podcast – Her Money Matters

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19: YP Perspective – Finding Value + Vocation in the Arts

In this episode of UCYP, Megan and Tim have an Uphill Conversation with Katie Leckenbusch on her career and journey in the arts. From college to arts to corporate and back again, there is extreme value in engaging with the arts.

Show Notes: 

  • Katie’s current role in the Greenville arts community and her advocacy for the arts in general
  • Katie’s journey from environmental science to theatre
  • How non-profit + theatre skills can transfer well to traditional occupations
  • Working in the arts, you are dealing with deadlines, differing personalities and learning how to work effectively as a team
  • How realizing the waste involved in event marketing impacted Katie
  • Overall Katie wants her career to create a “net positive”
  • Striving for success vs. significance
  • Skills assessment testing and how Katie’s father’s vocation impacted her life and career journey
  • Realizing that there are always compromises in life
  • Value in putting on theatre that is thought-provoking, impactful and that creates conversation
  • Warehouse Theatre Forums provide a panel of experts on the topic that the show is dealing with and that is relevant
  • Local and Regional Theatre vs. Broadway + Nationally-Renowned productions
  • Arts as an economic driver in communities
  • Challenges + benefits of the phenomenal arts community in Greenville

Guest Bio: Katie Leckenbusch is a native South Dakotan who fell in love with the true “South” and put down roots with her husband, Matt, and two fantastic kids. After working with corporate clients on event marketing platforms, and many performing arts and cultural organizations in the area she completed a Master in Arts Administration from Winthrop University. Over the past 6 seasons with The Warehouse Theatre has had the honor to celebrate the theatre’s 40th anniversary, the creation of the Harriet Wyche Endowment, and participation in Leadership Greenville (Class 41), while fostering lasting relationships with Warehouse donors, patrons, and partners. As, potentially, the only fundraiser in the area who can also weld, she still loves to assist backstage.

Connect with Katie:


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Katie Leckenbusch – Uphill Words of Wisdom

Download Katie’s Words of Wisdom One Sheet What are 3 signature things you tell people regarding your area of expertise? Career in the Arts:  Yes. You can have a career in “the arts” and still make enough money to have a family, save for retirement, etc. It is not a dead end! There are jobs! But…

76: Laurie Vaquer – Take Me Cooking

On this episode, Tim has an Uphill Conversation with Laurie Vaquer on her journey from civil engineering to a traveler to experiential cooking entrepreneur.

Laurie was born in France. At the age of 25, she moved to Africa and found a job there. She is a civil engineer and worked in Real Estate in the Ivory Coast and DR Congo for four years until she decided to quit her well-paid job at age 30 to start a company. The company is a platform connecting food enthusiasts + travelers with local cooks through hands-on cooking experiences: Cooking experiences are currently available in locations including Argentina, Serbia, Japan, and Tanzania, but options are rapidly expanding.

Show Notes: 

  • Laurie’s journey as an entrepreneur and creating the platform Take Me Cooking
  • Sharing experiences in different cooking + cultures
  • Connecting people through cooking and “breaking bread”
  • Impact of experiences in the story of our lives
  • Taking the leap, following your gut and changing the trajectory of your life
  • Joys and challenges of launching an international business
  • Importance of networking and connecting with others
  • Overcoming challenges and obstacles on the road to your dream
  • Working with individuals, hosts, and guests
  • Laurie’s vision for the experience + future of Take Me Cooking
  • Creating opportunities for people to connect in a new and special way with locals when traveling to new destinations
  • Cooking provides an opening for greater connection and community
  • Relationship and communal aspects of cooking
  • Health benefits of preparing your own food + cooking at home
  • Different ways to meet others when you relocate to a new place
  • Making significant changes in your life and overcoming fear of change
  • Laurie’s favorite books, blogs, chef and more!
  • What Laurie is doing for continued growth and self-improvement

Connect with Laurie: 


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Laurie Vaquer – Uphill Words of Wisdom

Download Laurie’s Words of Wisdom One Sheet What are 3 signature things you tell people regarding your area of expertise? Cooking with locals while travelling gives you the best memories. Anyone can host a cooking experience as long as they are passionate about cooking and willing to share this passion. If you want to move to…