10: Develop Your Emotional Strength + Capacity

In this episode of UCYP, Tim and Megan discuss emotional intelligence (EQ), what it means to be emotionally strong, and how to expand emotional capacity.

Show Notes: 

  • EQ and responding v. reacting
  • Tips on how to deal with conflict and challenges using EQ
  • Emotional capacity is your ability to manage your emotions
  • Your relationships with others may determine your level of comfort, intensity and tendency to be reactionary
  • A person’s need for control can be an impediment to growing in EQ
  • Emotionally strong people:
    • Are proactive in dealing with their emotions
    • Do not waste time feeling sorry for themselves
    • Do not allow others to control their relationships
    • Do not waste energy on things they cannot control
  • You can’t moan and lead at the same time
  • Focus on the things you can control: attitude, time, priorities, passion, potential, calling
  • Reactive v. Creative – it’s important to think differently in how we approach challenges and conflict
  • The importance for young professionals to build emotional intelligence, strength and their emotional capacity


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