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75: Dr. Melanie Greenberg – The Stress-Proof Brain

On this episode of Uphill Conversations, Megan and Tim discuss brain plasticity, mindfulness, thoughts and emotions and how they relate to stress – mentally and physiologically – with Melanie Greenberg.

Melanie Greenberg, PhD is a practicing psychologist, author, speaker, and life/business coach, with more than 20 years of experience as a clinician, professor, and researcher. A recognized expert on stress management, and health and relationship challenges, she draws on neuroscience, mindfulness, and positive psychology in her work, blending science with mindful wisdom and heart-based compassion practices. Melanie seeks to educate, support, heal, and inspire her clients helping them to realize their full potential. Full bio here:

Show Notes:

  • Melanie’s journey and how she came to become so interested in the stress and the mind-body connection
  • A fixed-mindset vs. and open mindset
  • When facing new demands, it requires figuring out new ways to cope
  • Human tendency when faced with stressors to go to “fight, flight or freeze” – to focus on all the things that could go wrong
  • Anxiety, fear and anger can cause you to get stuck; people cling to stability
  • Thoughts, feelings + actions can actually change the structure of your brain, causing you to automatically become more reactive, with less ability to calm down your stress response through logical thinking
  • Techniques to be more self-compassionate and bring yourself back to the present when faced with a stressor: grounding + mindfulness
  • Mind-body connection tactics like placing both feet on the floor and just breathing + sitting with your thoughts
  • We can’t control our subconscious programming or thinking, the thoughts that come into our head, but rather than be ashamed, you an change your relationship to them: “you are not your thoughts”
  • If you have feelings of low self-worth, must understand where comes from and then fight it – focus on positive
  • Take time to ask the emotion what it needs, without judgement
  • Physiological effects of stressors on the brain
  • Consequences or mistakes that occur when someone doesn’t face their true emotions
  • Perfectionism and “conditional self-esteem” + the need to look for the grey
  • Putting our own problems in perspective and focusing on the positive
  • “Instead of just running from the tiger to smell the flower”
  • Life is a combination of appreciating and enjoy what you have, find points of peace, and you strive for more
  • Melanie’s Uphill challenge + optimism for next 12 months

Connect with Melanie:


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