46: Freedom – Pursuit + Perspectives

In this episode Megan and Tim have a conversation all around freedom: what it means, different perspectives and our individual pursuit. We are hoping our listeners will join in the conversation! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Show Notes:

  • What does freedom mean to you? Are you truly free and living freely?
  • Five areas discussed: mental, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual
  • The active and continuous pursuit of freedom
  • You can be physically and financially free, but lack emotional, mental and spiritual freedom
  • Your level of freedom is directly related to the choices you make
  • Must understand that it’s ok to fail forward and change your mind
  • Resistance to freedom and change vs. the comfort of habit and routine
  • Projecting how you believe others will respond can be dangerous
  • It’s important to be thoughtful and inclusive of others, but while you are responsible to others you are not responsible for them
  • Importance of alignment and continuous growth and adapting
  • Keep your head up and looking forward: focus creates blindness
  • Correlation of freedom and honesty with yourself and others
  • Physical incarceration vs. your heart being incarcerated
  • Your quest for freedom, even if unpopular, may actually liberate others
  • Freedom can be difficult, but own your choices and embrace the consequences

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