52: Jon McConnell + Nathan Gamble – Meet our Ride-along Partners

Live from the Exchange Co. Coffee bar and bake shop in Simpsonville, SC, Tim and Megan chat and laugh a LOT with two of our friends, loyal listeners and ride-along partners Jon McConnell and Nathan Gamble.

Show Notes:

  • Brief history of our interconnecting and different relationships
  • How Jon and Nathan help pre- and post-show, audio testing, fun and great feedback and ideas
  • Keeping the office environment productive and fun
  • Podcasting experience and tricky interview moments
  • Importance of being able to be open to others’ views and beliefs
  • Random questions, favorite guests, and memorable quotes
  • OODA loop – observe, orient, decide, act
  • Jon and Nathan’s random and hilarious Uphill situations
  • Suggestions for Megan and Tim for the coming year – interviews, workshops, coaching and growing the Uphill Strategies business
  • Never be ashamed of what inspires you
  • Be thoughtful on who you allow to speak into your life
  • Others can help you recognize your blind spots

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